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What I Will (And Will NOT Miss) About Working From Home

What I Will (And Will NOT Miss) About Working From Home

I got a new job! And while I'm being super paranoid and classic anxious me to not tell you exactly where I'm working because I don't start till Monday, let me tell you this: it's a great website and I am very, very excited about it! 

The truth is, I've been getting tired of freelance life and freelance taxes for about a year now. I've done it on and off since the unripe young age of 21, and I've never actually had the opportunity to work full-time at a job where I feel like my skills and passions are aligned with the company culture. Or one that could give some cool new opportunities for future Alida, who only wears dusty rose and can afford good eye cream. So I decided to change that. This is for my career, people! And while I could go on for hours about how long it took me to find a place that fit, I'm glad it took that long because I'm excited about this new gig. But that's not really what this piece is about. This piece is about how..odd it will be to go from freelance-work-from-home to full-time. It's been a minute since I've worked in an office. And as I spend today watching Bravo, doing home workouts, and eating a homemade spinach omelette at 12:30, I muse on the things I will miss and the things I most certainly will NOT miss about the freelance home life:


-staring at my fish all day and trying to get him to follow my finger, which he WILL NOT DO.

-while the idea of wearing no pants is not something I'm into as I'm a practically a never-nude, I will miss my uniform of sports bra, ratty t-shirt, pimple cream, Target shorts, and flip-flops. 

-being able to go do errands at times when nobody else can do them, so the stores are empty. RIP runs to Trader Joe's at 11am on a Tuesday, quick doctor's appointments, haircut walk-ins, the empty Nordstrom Racks and Sephoras, the quiet gym, and all the luxuries of weekday shopping.

-keeping a lackadaisical workout schedule that require no planning and no getting up early

-suddenly deciding that I will turn off my alarm because I'm feeling a little off and SLEEPING INNNNN!!!!! 

-never taking the subway during rush hour

-being able to cook elaborate weeknight meals that take hours of preparation, like every day is my personal SNOW IN DAY

-visiting my parents for a long weekend where I just sit with my parent's rat dog allllll day on a Thursday and then I go to Target

-having packages delivered to my apartment without them being stolen or, even worse, left at a UPS facility

-never really having to do boring deep apartment cleans on the weekend 

-having people be super jealous I work from home


-having to follow up on a million checks and realizing I won't get paid until I practically run out of money

-getting paid at random, sporadic times while keeping up with a handful of invoices

-having the UPS guy and the Fresh Direct Guy and the Laundry Delivery Guy and the Blue Apron Guy ring my doorbell incessantly, scaring the shit out of me, because he assumes I am the only one in the building home

-not speaking to one soul for hours at a time, which probably rings of some Tumblr DREAM, but actually doing it for 8 hours a day 5x a week is kinda meh sometimes. Occasionally, I'm so desperate for attention, I wait for my boyfriend to come home like I am a chihuahua who might piss all over the carpet if I have to deal with 10 more minutes of solitude. It's not as fun as it sounds. And I'm an INTROVERT.

-looking at tax day as the day I have to hand over a shit ton of money.

-sometimes having an okay amount of money and sometimes having none, and having to explain to people when those times are or aren't.

-finding nothing on Netflix (I can't work in silence but sometimes prefer talking over music) so I scroll around for 30 minutes and then end up watching something truly awful.

-having 0 work/life balance

-not really caring about lunch so I usually end up eating a couple of crackers or something else equally as sad. If there's one thing I remember about office life, it's that people are obsessed with lunch

-not having work friends

Little note to readers: I will not cease to write on this website, but I will probably do it less than 3x a week, which probably just means that the content will be better.

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