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I'm Alida. Writer of Books. Lover of food. Late 20s and still shops at Forever21. Wears lipstick to the grocery store. Runs even when not being chased. Like a Real Housewife but poorer. Not real good at anything. Now a lifestyle blogger.

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Things I Do To Relax

Things I Do To Relax

I am always looking for ways to relax. I am almost never relaxed. Still, here are my tips for relaxation, none of which require drinking wine or taking a half a Xanax. They may they help you for only a moment, as they only help me for a moment: 

-slice onions, peppers into long strips, or potatoes into small cubes, or garlic into a fine mince, while thinking of nothing but how to not cut my fingers. Add them to a sizzling hot pan.

-look at Trip Advisor reviews for all-inclusive resorts in the Bahamas so I can read people complain about trivial things, like the temperature of eggs that sit out in pans all day long or loud noises near a swimming pool

-boil water for tea, let the tea kettle whistle for a while, steep the tea, let the tea get cold

-but eat the cookie I have placed next to the tea in very small, contained bites

-take everything off my bathroom sink and put it on my bathroom floor, spray the sink with something that has bleach in it, wipe it off, admire the shine, put the things back on the sink

-put on my makeup in one long, very indulgent, very time-consuming swoop

-look at a book I've already read before, just because I love it

-watch the episode of Sex and The City where Carrie almost gets arrested for smoking marijuana, but of course she doesn't

-take all the socks and underwear out of my sock and underwear drawer and put them back in a way I conclude is somewhat neater

-decide sometime soon I will : clean my oven, buy a new garment bag, learn how to blow-dry my hair, probably buy a new blowdryer, and spring clean my closet

-sit down in my shower for at least six minutes under the guise that I have applied a deep-conditioning hair mask

-melt slowly into my couch or bed while watching a youtube video of somebody cooking soup or putting on mascara

-take a 25-minute run, before I simply decide that this is enough, then sit on my couch for a while in Old Navy running leggings, drinking water I have kept in a bottle for this very kind of occasion.

-open a can of seltzer and pour it very slowly into a glass of ice

-take a long walk to a coffee shop, order a soy latte, and then go to a drugstore to look at many things while buying absolutely nothing

-pick at the skin of my cuticles until it starts to hurt, then apply Kiehl's lotion to them 

-stare at my window at the shoe store across from my apartment and see if I can guess what kind of shoes the people exiting have bought

-think about where the tarot cards my friend Kat gave me are, and if I should learn how to use them, but the problem is that I do not remember where they are

-look at restaurant menus on the internet and decide what I would eat if I went there (mostly tagliatelle and some kind of salad)

-start a movie from the middle

-go to ASOS or Zara or and fill up my cart with what I would buy if I was a millionaire and could afford luxury skincare and/or chic but baggy neutral clothing

-probably read about serial killers, true crime, or the ending of horror movies I haven't seen 

-check out dogs on Instagram with three legs, or the raccoon that lives with a family inside the house, or the guinea pig that has no hair

-make very long lists for groceries, things I have to do, ideas I have, or anything else I can think of

-also imagine taking a long trip somewhere 

-dividing my future lottery money up to the things I want and the people I love

-if I have a few trips coming up, I plan them and re-plan them, then plan them again

-open up a Microsoft Word doc and look at it, although occasionally I do write

-tweeze my eyebrows, as I can abandon them at times

-try to find things to put turmeric in

-try to forget everything


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