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That's What I Like: Volume 1

That's What I Like: Volume 1

In my forever trek of up the mountain of "trying to make this a lifestyle blog and not just an anxiety diary," I've decided to do a simple bi-monthly roundup of things I'm just...enjoying. Yes, people, the woman who sits around and writes odes to her fear of practically everything can find simple pleasures in many things. TV shows, perhaps. Articles I've read. Food or selfies or anything that gives me one of those upturned mouth smile-y things that have been few and far-between these last few months. They'll be on Wednesdays. Twice a month. What more do you need to know? This time around, I discuss a tinyletter, some good potatoes, and my favorite real housewife of all time: 

1. Erika Jayne: Not since Bethenny Frankel has there been a Real Housewife I've loved watching more. Now, this season of RHOBH has been some real Lisa Rinna Alternative Facts nonsense, filled with two things I hate--teenager modeling plotlines and Gatsby parties--it's also season 2 of Erika Jayne/Girardi, who is literally the most fashionable and smart and bleached woman who has been on Bev HIlls thus far. She wears Moschino T-shirt dresses. She knows her way around hoop earrings. She has a REAL MUSIC CAREER, COUNTESS. She's a loyal friend, takes no nonsense, is the realest and richest cocktail-waitress-turned-rich-woman on the whole damn franchise (sorry, Laurita), and her favorite word is CUNTY. All this while being married to this fun old guy who kind of pops his head in to give her a gift every once in a while. Then she's off to Greece to squat in a gay dance club, wearing a neon leather thong or something! Bonus: she rubs Dorit the wrong way, probably because she's better at high ponytails and called The Fake Accent Queen out for being from Connecticut. And she even has some chemistry with Camille Grammar, who will forever be on my Top 5 RH list because of the whole Faye Resnick thing.

2. The RESISTABLE Tinyletter: Props to Marisa for taking the initiative and putting out an excellent newsletter that tells you where people are protesting all over the country. Want to get involved by getting out there? Now there's no real excuse not to! Sign up if you want to be informed, and follow her on Twitter here

3. The Food Lab's Roasted Potatoes:

I cannot fuck with a prix-fixe on Valentine's Day. I just cannot. It's too expensive and not always worth the money. And for what? Me and my live-in borgfriend have been together for nearly 5 years now, and we are at our peak happiness in our sweatpants, watching stuff on Netflix, ranting about politics, and making each other laugh. Barf! So this time around I made chicken piccata, my vegan caesar salad, and Kenji's roasted potato recipe. I will make this a billion times over. It marries together my favorite things about potatoes and his---I love them creamy mashy salty, he loves them crispy and roasted. The secret to this is parboiling them first with some baking soda, then tossing them violently in an infused oil and roasting them on high heat for an hour. I used Yukon Golds. They were DELICIOUS and easy and worth every second of work.

4. Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer: I bought a lot of stuff from Sephora last month ago or so, and this has been the best product I tried. I've had allergic reactions to most primers I've used, and this one doesn't irritate me, moisturizes my dry-ass face, and makes a marked difference on my foundations. I loved, for instance, the NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint, but found that it settled into dry areas or my smile lines. This primer totally erases that issue, and makes most of my foundations 2x more usable. And seriously. The Cherry Chapstick scent is great.

5. The Archive Re-issue GAP Collection: The '90s obsession is fine with me, considering it brought back brown lipstick and chokes, but that's not really why I'm excited that GAP brought back some of it's classic '90s styles. In 1999, when I was 11 years old, they released a logo sweatshirt. I got it in purple fleece. I  STILL HAVE IT, and I wear it every time I stay at my parent's house. I am obsessed with it. So when they released a very similar-looking sweatshirt (in men's only, which is kind of lame) I had to have it! And that was my Valentine's Day gift yesterday. I am so excited about it. I will wear it for years to come, slopping it with all different kinds of sauces. Note: I am also very interested in this mock-neck shirt, because I love literally anything mock neck.

6. My Betta Fish, Jay:

Buying and caring for my betta fish has been the most fun I've had in a long time. It's the best! I really want a dog, specifically a chihuahua rescue (adopt, don't shop!!) but am at a stage of uncertainty in my life and am not ready to make the plunge yet. This was the next best thing. It sort of pulled me out of a slump I was in---watching him go from the sad little betta fish in the pet store bowl, barely moving, to the jumpy little lunatic he is now gave me the boost of happiness that I really needed at the time. And bonus: looking at a fish swim back and forth has been very relaxing and a great little helper for my anxiety. Fish are a fair amount of work---I clean 10% of his water every week---and you need to read up on the best way to care for them, but I'm glad he and I are thriving. Hint: get a heater and a leaf for them to rest on! 

7. Ain't It Funny (Alt Version) by J. Lo: While the Grammy's were meh, J.Lo walking out to the OTHER version of her song Ain't It Funny reminded me how great that song was. Not the Ja Rule one, which is also great, but the OTHER one that sounds completely different and I used to listen to all the time. It had that weird tango element to it that J.Lo and Shakira managed to bring into a number of their songs back in the day, and while the video is...AWFUL?! I still love it. 

8. Tazo Earl Grey Tea: I used to work at Starbucks and drank this when I was tired of coffee. But like all things Starbucks, I got real sick of it after working there for 7 years. Glad I'm over it! This tea with some honey and some hot soy milk is officially one of the best ways to caffeine up besides snorting coffee grinds on a barista's back.

9. Giant Black Underwear: These last few weeks have been real big on me rocking gigantic comfortable underwear that is sort of high-waisted so therefore kind of fashionable? I don't care. I don't care that some kinds of underwear are considered not sexy. I refuse to be sexy all the time. It's just not in the cards for me. I just can't do it. I'd rather just trek out into the world with underwear that I can fit over my entire head, if the situation calls for it.

10. This Photo of Britney Spears:

What's some of your favorite stuff right now? Comment below, and I'll see you with my next favorites on March 1st. I imagine it'll include more books this time around.  



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