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Packing For Travel, Part 2: THE MAKEUP BAG

Packing For Travel, Part 2: THE MAKEUP BAG

I don’t think you REALLY want to see a post about packing clothes for travel, so this will be my last travel related post for now. Why? Because I’m completely awful at packing clothes. I have no tips. I will bring way too many outfits that have nothing to do with the actual weather of the place I’m at. None. And never the right amount of shoes. So imagine me looking very good in the face but…a complete disaster from the neck down. Just in a rain poncho, high heels, and a Target onesie. A child getting dressed. However, this post isn’t just a cry for help. It’s better! It’s a know-it-all post about how good I am at packing my makeup. Now, unfortunately, I have a lot of makeup. If you don’t, you might look at me and say “what a spoiled piece of trash,” and I’ll tell you with complete confidence: like most of my clothing, my makeup is outdated and old and I mostly use the same products over and over again. So!

Now, when I travel, I bring a small carryon for my clothes and a large purse/tote bag thing. In the purse/tote bag thing I bring my wallet, a kindle, one pair of underwear (I am just being honest but what a freak move), a granola bar, a sweatshirt, a charger, my phone/headphones, and my makeup bag. I do not want to get my makeup squished. Here’s what is in the non-squished makeup bag:

Simple Cleansing Wipes: I do not usually wear makeup on a plane. Why would I give a shit about looking nice for people when I’m sitting in this awful cough machine that seems to defy gravity? Nope. So, to feel refreshed after I land, I rub one of these cloths on my face vigorously. Then I put makeup in the bathroom or something.

Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette: Best matte shadow palette of all time. Blends like a damn dream. I will write a review on this soon. But for the purpose of this post, I would recommend a palette that has a few shadows you can create a day and night look. This could be a giant one like me, or a smaller one, like the NAKED basics palette.

Brushes: I hate bringing a lot of brushes, so that’s why I brought like 8. So savvy! Most are Real Techniques, because they are the best and the most affordable of all time. Specifically, I bring a foundation brush, a brush for undereye setting powder, a blush brush, a bronzer brush, and a few eyeshadow brushes (I need them to do a fancy makeup look because I’m going to a wedding).

Deodorant: Uh? Wear it? It’s a stick, which you don’t need to put in the liquids bag.

One Sparkly Eyeshadow: I’m kind of over the sparkles, but they look good sometimes for nicer events. So I bring one so I have some options. You can do this if you bring a matte palette and are as indecisive as I am. 

Wet’N’Wild Contouring Palette: Things that are flat and also have more than one use are the best thing that happened to travel since Sky Magazine, which is why I bring this. The yellow powder works great for the undereye highlight, and the bronzer is nice for contouring. It looks warmer in this picture because I am a trash panda photographer, but it works.

Clinique Bronzer: This is a light, frame-the-face bronzer, in case I don’t want to look like I rubbed dirt all over my face to define my cheekbones. I like adding a little bronzer to frame my face during the day because I don't want to get tan from the sun because DANGER.

Three Lipstick Choices: A greige with a lipliner, a liquid nude lip for all-day boring, and a bright lilac.

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso: If you don’t have this, buy it. It is the perfect, rosy blush for all occasions.

Josie Maran Illuminzing Veil: I don’t love highlighter that much. I think it makes me look like someone licked my face. But this one is subtle, and I got it as a sample in a Sephora point perk. So I use it. And I also let dogs lick my face, by the way.

EOS Lip Balm: For dem dry lips. But this one might like, rip your lips off, so use whatever you want? Just don't forget to moisturize. Your neck, your elbows, your lips, the list goes on.

Eyebrow Products: If I don’t bring my ELF pencil and my NYX brow mascara, I will pee my pants on the airplane until they land next to a Target. I need the eyebrows to look good at all times.

Infallible Powder: For those greasy, sexy moments you never want to forget and also mattify though

TWO Mascaras: I don’t wear falsies because I also wear glasses and then the lashes rub against them like caterpillars. So I wear Benefit Roller Lash for curl and CoverGirl SuperSizer for that clumpy, thick look. I like the combo. You guys layer your mascara, right? It is the best idea for people who are terrified of false lashes because doesn't it require putting a tweezer near your eye?

Random: A headband to do my makeup, a bandaid because my nickname is bleeder because I’m clumsy, and some pads to remove makeup or put lotions and stuff on to rub on my face.

Not Pictured Because It Rolled Out Of Frame And I’m A Shitty Lifestyle Blogger In Many Ways: Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner! ANY EYELINER!

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