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Packing For Travel, Part 1: THE TSA BAG

Packing For Travel, Part 1: THE TSA BAG

I’m traveling this week, which a) is fun because the world is a great place and now my Instagram photos won’t be so damn boring soon and b) is horrifying because I have an irrational fear of planes and I would rather eat glass than go on one. But! Given that my personality is a stone soup mixture of anxiety and ego, I really like to be prepared for the trip ahead. I want to look good at all times. I do not like to land in that flying tube of horror without being ready for whatever events might happen, which means I bring about 65 shirts, all my underwear, a ball gown, and plenty of makeup and hair products. I also do not like to check my luggage. If I check my luggage, there is no way they will not lose it. Why? Because it’s my specific luggage, dammit! That’s the ego and anxiety talking.

The other problem, here, is I am not low maintenance in the slightest. I do not climb out of bed and go places. My squad is about 36 tonics and eye products. NO FRIENDS. ALL LIQUIDS. But the miracle of all this is, because I’ve been traveling a little more lately, I’ve gotten the hang out of my travel bag. I’ve managed to dial down the things I need and land in the EVIL SPACE FLYING MACHINE with all the products I need. Now, you might wonder this: how in the world can she check a bag when she needs all these products? Shut up! I’m about to tell you.

So the rules of the TSA-friendly bag are as follows (per their website): You bring a quart-sized bag with containers that are 3.4 oz or less. You fill it with liquids, gels, creams or pastes. I got a Sephora travel bag for 4.95. It’s absurd in two ways: I can’t believe anything at Sephora is under five dollars, and it has an airplane that looks like a giant lipstick. We all know that’s an asinine mechanical failure waiting to happen.

 In this bag, I bring:

-Batiste Dry Shampoo: I use this in place of hairspray because it adds volume. Batiste is my favorite dry shampoo, but Herbal Essences sells one that will choke you with a floral scent but also works well. If you hate dry shampoo, bring a mini hairspray or heat protector if you also will bring a straightener.

-Of course, there’s toothpaste. You can never have enough toothpaste.

-Caviar Moisture Shampoo/Conditioner: I got this at Sephora in their Black Friday sale last year and saved it until now. I’m a crazy lunatic who looks for the travel products I will actually enjoy and saves them in a little box in my room.

-L’Oréal Infallible Foundation: Foundation is a liquid! I choose my favorite that doesn’t come in a glass bottle, provides buildable coverage, and looks great in photos. This is the one I go with, because it's great.

-Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer: It has gel in the name, so I assume I’ll get arrested if I put it in my makeup bag. This is an incredible under eye concealer. It's light and not cakey. I didn’t bring a spot concealer this time because my skin has been fine, but there was space left in the bag and I might add one later!

-EOS Shaving Cream or a MAYBE: Leave some space for running around screaming the night before you leave where you decide nothing is right and you need to repack everything. I sometimes use conditioner as shaving cream, and this tube takes up some room, so I like having some leeway to take this out and put something else in. Maybe another foundation, or more hair products!

-Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue: I love finding mini hair products for my curls, and this is one of my favorites because it allows hair to look good as it air dries. You need barely any of it to work well so it lasts forever. And when it’s done? You can rinse it out and put some of your full-sized hair products in it for travel.

-A Small Container To Prove A Point: Not only do I have a creepy box in my closet filled with tiny products, I have other things in there, like empty containers. You can get TSA approved containers and fill them with literally anything you need. This one I will use for face wash. I have another that I use for shower gel. They both fit in the bag, but the other container was in the sink, because you gotta wash these containers before use.

-That White Little Circle Is Origins Eye Cream: Never underestimate samples from Sephora. This eye cream is useful because I like using moisturizing eye creams after planes because my skin can get real dry.

-Bare Minerals Moisturizer: If I do not bring a lot of moisturizer, my skin will become the Elephant Graveyard.

-Origins Mini Mask: My skin can be a nightmare when I’m in a new climate and  keep in ind I'm already sweating bullets because I am in a plane aka a box full of fear.

-Razor and Toothbrush: you don’t need to put them in the liquids bag, but you’ll need em!

Edit: At time of travel, I removed the shaving cream and added a travel-sized face primer. I literally cannot pack without moving things around and then curling up in a small ball.

Packing For Travel, Part 2: THE MAKEUP BAG

Packing For Travel, Part 2: THE MAKEUP BAG

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