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My Favorite Fall Lipsticks!

My Favorite Fall Lipsticks!

It’s fall, which is everybody’s favorite time of year to waste all of their money! Everybody loves to buy lots of stuff in the fall, and makeup is no exception. I spent most of the summer months sweating off my SPF and smearing mustard and ketchup on my face. Now that it’s fall, I plan on sweating off my foundation when I wear too many layers, and smearing pumpkin spice all over my nose and mouth. But at least I’ll have less money and I’ll be wearing plaid!

Now, I’m going to need to be a little transparent here. I wear whatever colors I want all year round. When it’s 95 degrees out, I’ve been known to don all black and wear lipstick that looks like dried blood. Summer looks! I’m totally like Wednesday Addams, if Wednesday Addams cried a lot more and didn’t live with her bald, possibly dead (????) uncle. But I understand that “fall” has “trends,” aka we all have been itching to buy things and we need an excuse to get some new lipsticks. So I will indulge in that with you and tell you my favorite lip colors I’ve been wearing that I find to be fall appropriate.

Maybelline Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lip Color in Gone Greige


Wow! Maybelline never ceases to amaze me with their long names for one lipstick. This lipstick is sensational. It’s loaded. It’s BOLD. And everyone at Maybelline Headquarters refused to back down on taking one of those descriptions out of the title. Which is….a choice! This line of lipsticks has a lot of good 90’s jams---there’s a brown, a few mauves, and even a navy blue. But I had to get the one that makes me look dead. I love lipsticks that make me look dead. I think, “maybe this is the day I won’t get catcalled, because I look dead!” and I am wrong. But it’s still a great lipstick, and I love it. Gray can be a tough trend to navigate, but this color is gray-lilac with a little bit of cool pink mixed in, so it’s “wearable,” if that’s a thing you’re concerned with. It smells like vanilla and goes on…slick. It moves around a bit, so I’d recommend wearing it with a lip liner. It is VERY cool-toned, and as a yellowy warm person, I find it looks best with a warmer nude lip liner to make it look slightly more flattering. If you’re cool-toned, you can pair it with a cooler pink lipliner. 

Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream in Adorable

I cannot believe how much I have been wearing nude-for-my-lips lipstick shades. But they are easy to wear and require a lot less maintenance than darker lips. I’ve been finding myself wearing this lipstick more and more, and when people ask me the color I just say “Death Eater.” Because man, I hate the world Adorable. Anyway! This one stays on all day with one or two applications. The only downside is that it kind of flakes off in the center of your lips, so you might be better off taking it off after a few hours and just reapplying it. It would look best on warmer and darker skin tones, in my opinion.

Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Cream In Matterialistic

Oh. My. Lord. This is one of the best purchases I have made in years. I am so in love with this lipstick. SO---K*lie J*nner came out with this line of metallic lips that made me scream with pleasure, but I hate ordering lipsticks online and I would only buy a Kardashian lipstick if Kris Jenner came out with one, because I would assume the lipstick would run my life for me and turn me into a millionaire. So I thought I would never have one, and then I saw this guy. The formula is very similar to the matte lip cream, what with the flaking and recommended reapplication, but. THIS. COLOR. It is a bronze. It is a freaking bronze-red that reads mostly bronze on the lips. It is fall in a tube. It is so unbelievably fall, I think I turned into a ghost. I’m dead. Goodbye!

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Melted Berry

This is a great lipstick that goes on opaque, but is better applied with a lip brush. I have a little trouble with the applicator on this one, but I find it to be no problem if you use a lip brush! This color is…classic fall. It’s the color you think of when you think about wearing plaid and boots and drinking a coffee. It’s that perfect cranberry that looks as amazing for a special occasion as it does with a casual PUFFY VEST, the jacket you wear when you’re hiding a bulletproof vest? Or your stomach is cold? Your mom will love it. It looks great on pretty much any skin color.

Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in Vampira

I couldn’t do this list without adding one of my favorite shades of all time—Kat Von D’s Vampira. Sure, this one takes some work. I wear it when I’m not running late: while it dries quickly and beautifully and lasts till the end of time, it’s easy to mess up. I do the whole “concealer around the edge of my lips” thing to clean up any lines. It needs two coats, and the secret to Kat Von D’s dark lipsticks: you have to apply a coat, let it dry completely, and THEN add another coat. That’s the only way to fix patchiness. But it’s such an amazing color. It’s a deep red burgundy, like brick red had a baby with black cherry. Not that shades of red can have sex..that's only shades




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